Survey Shows Increased Use of Content as a Marketing Tool


The following article was written by Gretel Going, a partner at Channel V Media, a marketing agency in New York City. 

Need fuel to get the green light on a social media or content marketing project you’ve been pitching? Or maybe you’re looking for backup in your plea to increase your customer retention budget.

A new marketing survey conducted by King Fish Media, in partnership with HubSpot, Junta42 and Upshot Institute, might be exactly what you’re looking for. (You can skip the overview and download the complete study here.) 

The 2009 Survey on Marketing, Media and Measurement offers hard data that confirms our collective hunch that companies are focusing on communicating directly with existing and prospective consumers with methods made ubiquitous by the social media and content craze.

At the same time, it shows that traditional advertising is alive and well, but that its usefulness is limited to certain initiatives. And if you’re wondering how to gauge “usefulness” in the first place, well, the study’s got an entire section on metrics and how they’re being used by marketers to make important budgeting decisions.

As recently as a year ago, companies were diving into social media and content not always because they wanted to or believed it was effective, but because they thought they were supposed to.



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