My Customers Don’t Use Twitter, Why Should I?

Source: Hubspot

Last week, Laura “@Pistachio” Fitton presented a fantastic webinar for Inbound Marketing University about the business benefits of Twitter. (Laura is a famous Twitter Queen, founder of the first Twitter for Business consultancy, co-author of Twitter for Dummies, and creator of a new Twitter applications startup.)  You can watch her IMU webinar here.

One of the major questions that she addressed in her presentation was,  “If my best leads and potential customers aren’t on Twitter, why on earth should I be on Twitter?

Laura has concisely determined five “off-platform benefits” of Twitter, even if you aren’t using it to communicate with leads and customers directly.

Here are her five points summarized from the above video:

1) Twitter Page SEO: In her words, “Just search for Pistachio.” It’s a common word, but Laura dominates the search rankings. By being active on Twitter and having a Twitter handle that is a word people will search for, most likely it will rank well. 

2) Research: Use Twitter as a platform to gather consumer research on your product or industry. What are people saying about your company? Recruit research groups or host a live survey using a hashtag!

3) Content Generation Engine: You don’t need your own Twitter account to collect the content that people are generating about you. Set up a widget on your website that aggregates tweets about your company. Madonna collects the content her fans create about her and uses it to add fresh content to her website.

4) Word-of-Mouth “Passalong”: Utilize the viral nature of Twitter and start a campaign that people will talk about on and offline. When Dell gave out coupons on Twitter, Twitter-users passed along the coupons to folks outside of their online networks too. 



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