10 Qualities That Can Make Your Video Go Viral

Source: Hubspot.com

One of my favorite types of content to create here at HubSpot is video. 

Inspired by a new “viral video” that I have been working on (to be launched next week!), here is a list of 10 video qualities that encourage others to share video content throughout blogs and social media sites.

It’s not a specific equation to creating viral content; it’s more like a game of bingo. The more of the below qualities you have, the higher the chances that your video will win …  and “go viral.”

1) Do a parody/spoof of something familiar. By playing off of something that everyone already knows–for example, a popular song, movie or a TV show–people will have a reference point to relate to your content. This made Al Yankovitz famous. It’s the humor of seeing something familiar in a new way. 

2) Incorporate music. Elements that stimulate other senses (short of smell or taste) make your video much more engaging and entertaining. Hint: Create your own music or use music under a Creative Commons license. It would be a bummer if YouTube removed sound due to a record company’s copyright.

3) Make your video very short. My favorite piece of advice regarding content creation is “murder your darlings.” You actually add more value if you make your content easy to consume! No matter how much awesome footage you may have, cut it down to the absolute minimum. Most people only have a few minutes or LESS to watch a video. 


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