Twitter Search: the best human generated search yet?


by SEO Consultant
R. Falconer

Twitter has started to integrate its real-time search engine with the main part of the site. Until now, it has been held on a subdomain that was not accessible from the primary site. But is this the next generation in search? Will real-time search take off?

Twitter’s search engine searches through user “tweets” and provides a list of the ones that contain the keywords you specify. The Trends function shows what people are Tweeting about right now. At a glance you can see what the world considers most important at that moment. It’s this immediacy that sets Twitter search apart from Google et al.

Twitter has grown exponentially over the last year and is now at the stage where it has a huge and still growing user base, but it now needs to start thinking about ways to stop haemorrhaging cash and actually make a profit. This has not proven easy for other social media sites. As it stands, Facebook may as well be burning fifty pound notes as a business model.


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