Is Your Company Social Media Optimized?

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This article was writen by Katherine Derum, an inbound marketing specialist at HubSpot. 

How will using social media or becoming social media optimized grow your business?

In a company meeting last week, Dharmesh Shah, one of the HubSpot founders, posed this question.

Before we talk about the future of social media, we need to take a step back and understand the search engines and how Google won the game.

In the beginning, AOL and Yahoo! were the early leaders. However, Google quickly came onto the scene and won the game.

How? When companies and people realized early search engines were looking at keywords and content, they began stuffing websites full of keywords that any prospect with a smidge of interest might be looking for.

This was great for the websites, but for the consumer these results weren’t very accurate.

Google entered the market with a different approach: Instead of keywords, it used inbound links to sort its search results.

Since it’s far more difficult to game the system with inbound links than with keywords, Google’s system resulted in a more accurate search engine. The more accurate the results, the more consumers used the service, and the further ahead of the competition they surged. Today Google is so popular, and so far ahead of its competition that it’s a verb.

So how does this relate to social media?


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