Using Facebook for Business

Face book is a Social Utility that connects you with the people around you. Originally it was started in 2004 as a closed community for college students. Today they are over 120 million active users. Face book has been adding 250,000 new users each day since January 2007. It is the 4th most trafficked website and the most trafficked social media site. It is also considered the Top Social Search Engine. There are over 55,000 networks on Face book and more than half are outside of college and the fastest demographic is 25 years and older. There are two kinds of marketing Outbound and Inbound Marketing. Typically Outbound Marketing would be TV ads, Newspaper, Radio, direct mail, Email blasts etc, but overtime these methods have become ineffective, these are old school methods that rely heavily upon buying time to get someone’s attention, But these days almost everyone has Tivo, or Satellite radios or subscribe to RSS Feeds and have spam filters that are keeping away from delivering your messages as an advertiser. In bound marketing involves a much more effective approach of delivering your message through Blogs, SEO, Social Media, PR groups and Online reviews to get your audience interested in you and your products and services.

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