Social Media Planning

Social Media Planning

Don’t just jump into a social media marketing campaign, plan it!

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by Esther C Kane
October 23, 2008


Esther C Kane
Esther C. Kane has been specializing in affordable search engine optimization services for small and home based businesses since 2000 through her company, Eckweb Designs, Inc.  Her successful techniques have helped her clients compete for top positions throughout the Internet.
Esther C Kane has written 14 articles for PromotionWorld.
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Social media planning is very important – here’s how you can plan your next exciting marketing campaign.

      So many Internet Marketing firms are scrambling to offer social media marketing as part of their marketing campaigns. And who can blame them? It seems that social media programs like Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace and Twitter have taken over!
        But before you plunk down your hard earned cash (and getting harder every day it seems) make sure to create a marketing plan for your social media campaign. Lewis Green wrote a great article discussing this very topic.    

      He outlines 6 questions that you should be able to answer BEFORE you enact any social media programs into your internet marketing campaign.

      1) Who are your ideal customers? The ones who deliver the most value? What do they look like? What do they want and need?

      2) Where do those customers live online and how do we reach them, engage them in conversation?



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