The Death of Traditional Media

Below are 2 articles that underscore what we’ve known for years now…..that the internet is slowly putting newspapers and television out of business. It’s happening slowly, but…it is happening.


Viewers See Online As ‘TV Replacement’

New research suggests that up to 20% of TV viewing occurs online, and that in some cases, those viewing levels are higher than levels via DVR playback. The new data comes from Integrated Media Measurement Inc. For the first time, notes IMMI, a significant portion of the online audience for prime-time episodic content is not watching some portion of the show on television.


Newspapers: Good News Online, Bad News Overall

Newspapers’ Web sites continue to grow–with the number of unique visitors increasing 12.2% in the second quarter compared to the same period last year, according to the Newspaper Association of America, which pegged it at 66.4 million people. That’s over 40% of all Internet users in the United States. The problem? Newspapers can’t monetize their online traffic near the level necessary to offset ongoing print losses.


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